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Welcome to Loctory GmbH
Translation and Localization of Apps, Web Sites and Documentation

The Loctory GmbH was founded 2000 as a service company for the localization and translation of software, helps, documentation, and web sites. At the time of its founding, we already had 10 years of experience in the localization business. Today, we offer you over 31 successful years of localization and internationalization expertise.

- Our goal: Everything from one source.

A team of native-language translators, software engineers, graphic artists, DTP specialists and testers handle the entire localization process, ranging from software manuals to websites to the final packaging and press & marketing texts.

Your complete localized presence comes from one source without inconsistencies or gaps in terminology.

Together with our partners, we also offer localization into other languages. Our translators are all native speakers of their respective target language and have proven their competence and reliability over the years.

We are happy to help you determine the localizability of your software during the planning stage and we support you with the internationalization.

Even if you 'only' have one manual or a single marketing text to translate, we will gladly take care of it for you – and use your existing translation memories, style guides and terminology lists.

Place your trust in quality "Made in Germany"

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